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Saturday 3rd August — Sunday 11th August 2019

Juggling is not just throwing props in the air in order to catch them again. With it comes a community. This community is special to thousands of people around the world. At its heart are the many festivals and conventions which bring us all together; and the largest of which is the European Juggling Convention (EJC).

Whilst many jugglers may not know this, the first four EJCs were in fact hosted in Great Britain. Those events were modest, with less than fifty people attending, and definitely without any of the features we experience and expect at a modern convention. Since then, the community has grown to thousands, but despite its British roots, the EJC has not returned to its birthplace since 1998. However, we have seen a recent rise in enthusiasm for juggling event organisation in Britain, with many new faces willing and dedicated to bringing our community together. We therefore feel we are now ready to bring EJC back to its roots, and that is what we will be working hard to make happen when EJC comes to Newark in 2019.

We want to create a fantastic event that will attract as many people from the juggling and circus arts community as we can. In order to do this, we would like to combine elements and organisational manpower from two of the largest circus events in Great Britain: the British Juggling Convention and Play Festival, together we can create a Great British EJC.

The team is being headed by Jane Randall, who has been the main organiser for three very successful BJCs (2011, 2014 & 2015). She is supported by a great team who include (but are not limited to) Emily Winch, Anna Inman, Natalie Randall, Mark Songhurst, Tom Butterworth, Sam Heasman and Rob Thorburn.

The site is located just outside of Newark – which is in the centre of England – at the Newark Showground which is a lovely event site for our EJC.


EJC2019 will be held from the Saturday 3rd to Sunday 11th of August 2019. Write them in your calendar now!


These dates also allow performers and EJC attendees to take advantage of other events happening in the UK near to the time, most notably the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and – conveniently – there is a direct train from Newark to Edinburgh!