You are invited to

The World's Largest

Juggling Festival

in the heart of the
British countryside

Newark Showground
Great Britain
3–11 August 2019

EJC: Convention or Festival?

The European Juggling Convention (EJC) is historically one of world’s biggest social gatherings of jugglers, aerialists, hula-hoopers, flow artists, extreme unicyclists, whip crackers and knife throwers. A festival of talent and skill but also fun and relaxation.

In 2019, in it's 42nd year, we are bringing it to the UK and we want you to be there!

Convention = a large meeting of a particular interest group.
Festival = an event celebrated by a community.

Which ever definition you choose for the EJC, we invite you to take a week out of your regular life and come to the EJC. Never been before? Now is your chance to find out if what everyone says is true. Will you discover or renew: a love of all things circus? Make or meet up with life long friends? Learn something new? Watch something incredible? Have fun? The answer is a resounding yes!

We are super excited to be holding the event here in the UK and we invite people from all over the world. Come and experience our juggling festival here in the heart of the British Countryside. Existing juggling or circus skills are not required!

Over the next year we will be working hard to make this event awesome. We do, however, still need your help! So finally, we ask, please share our event with anyone you think might be interested, and maybe some who might not, who knows they might have a secret desire to learn how to crack a whip!

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Did you know that the first four EJCs, way back in the late 1970’s, were in fact hosted in Great Britain? Those events were pretty small, with less than fifty people attending. They definitely didn't have any of the features we have all grown to expect from an EJC. Fortunately, the community has grown to thousands, but despite its British roots, the EJC has not returned to its birthplace since 1998.

Have you heard the term 'For Jugglers by Jugglers'? It is the core ethos of most events run within our community. It means that everyone lends a hand, everyone has their part to play and at the core is volunteering. No one takes a wage and by not doing so the event is affordable to all.

In recent times we have seen a rise in enthusiasm for juggling event organisation in Britain. The core crew have an excellent track record in Juggling event organisation. All of them having either been head honcho, site manager, show organiser / producer or major team player at many Juggling Conventions held in Britain over the last ten years.

Our team is so very excited to be bringing the event to the UK! Be sure to talk to them about it at length, at any event you see them!


The site is located just outside of Newark on Trent – which can be found almost in the centre of England, in the heart of the British countryside, at the Newark Showground. The show ground is a dedicated event site with all the facilities that make it perfect for our EJC.

Newark on Trent

Newark is a thriving market town located just off the A1 on the east side of Nottinghamshire.

Famed for its role in the English Civil War, the main historic attraction in the town is Newark Castle. The Civil War experience is perfect for those interested in a spot of British History. For aviation enthusiasts, Newark Air Museum is a must-see attraction, situated only five minutes walk away from our venue. There is a wide range of aeroplanes to see including a Vulcan, Buccaneer and Hawker.

With so much history and heritage in Newark, there are plenty of things to see and do. The town is a great base for exploring nearby attractions, including Sherwood Forest and the historic town of Southwell and its Minister.

Sunday 4th August 2019

On the first Sunday of the festival we will be taking the EJC to Newark! The festivities will start at the Riverside with a colourful parade over the river, past the Castle and on to the Market Square. Preparations are being made for a wonderful afternoon of circus and music. Local cafes and bars will stay open to ensure we have food and drink. Whilst here we hope visitors will take the chance to view the local architecture and historical features.

Once the light goes down there will be a fantastic fire show down by the Riverside with the castle facade as a dramatic backdrop. We hope it will prove to be a magical show!

The whole day is free and open to everyone to attend, so whether you are attending the EJC or just coming to Newark for the day, we hope that you will be in for a real treat!


EJC2019 will be held from the Saturday 3rd to Sunday 11th of August 2019. Check back for exact opening and closing times but we hope to be able to open the doors at 12:00pm.

Write them in your calendar now!


These dates also allow performers and EJC attendees to take advantage of other events happening in the UK near to the time, most notably the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and – conveniently – there is a direct train from Newark to Edinburgh!